Abstract Company of Louisiana, LLC has acquired four Abstract Plants in North Louisiana; Bienville, DeSoto, Ouachita and Webster Parishes.

The Abstract Plants contain references of documents of public record in the courthouses of each of the respective parishes. These references are geographically categorized by Section, Township and Range - by tract books or index cards, from Patent to a specified date which we can view electronically as well. Abstract Plants provide anyone with the ability to quickly check instruments of record affecting specific tracts significantly saving time and money.

The purpose of engaging the assistance of Abstract Company of Louisiana is to verify the seller's right to transfer ownership, borrow monies, and to discover any claims, defects, and other rights or burdens on the property.

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Q: What is an abstract?
A: An abstract is a copy of all documents recorded in any of the various Clerks of Court offices which affect the legal right to ownership of immovable property. These generally include copies of those recorded acts that are translative of title (ownership was transferred) and those acts that created encumbrances (such as a mortgage) on the property.
Q: What is a title exam?
A: A title exam is the examination of all the recorded acts and information contained in the abstract in an effort to determine the legal ownership of a parcel of property and the merchantibility of title.
Q: What is a title opinion?
A: A title opinion sets out the transactions involving the property for a specified period of time and concludes with the ownership as of the closing date of the examination. A title opinion can cover the surface of the property or it can cover the minerals underlying the property.